At-home neurofeedback devices for visualizing and training neurophysiological activity are flourishing. Years of research show that you can learn to control your brain waves to help improve your mood, your focus, and performance.

Portable neurofeedback devices can measure EEG (brain waves) in combination with a wide variety of physiological signals simultaneously. There are plenty of options to choose from; how do you pick the at-home neurofeedback device that’s best for you and your family? Read on.

1. Narbis

Now that summer is upon us and kids are released from the rigid structure of school, parents are looking to fill the void. What can families do to keep their kids engaged until September? We asked for input from educators, family counselors, child psychologists, pediatricians, and other experts to offer suggestions. In return, we received a deluge of insights.

Overwhelmingly, the most repeated suggestion across the board was to have kids read anything that sparks their interest. …

Here at Narbis we talk a lot about distraction, focus, and ways to help your brain learn to ignore distractions, including our NASA-patented neurofeedback glasses. Since the product is unlike anything most people have tried before, we wanted to answer some common questions to help our readers better understand what it’s like to use Narbis, and how they can tell it’s working. If you’ve been curious about how this at-home neurofeedback tool works to help you improve your focus and reduce distractions, read on.

1. How can you tell that Narbis is working? In other words, how do I interpret the results of my training and how do I know if I’m improving?

After you complete a training, you’ll see a summary displayed on the app that shows your…

As we approach end-of-school-year tests and final exams, we were curious to know if there were any special tips and tricks for effective study habits to impart to high school and college students who might be feeling under pressure. Especially this year, amid virtual learning and online test taking, are there ways that students can stay focused and retain the material they’re studying? In short, what do effective study habits under Covid look like, and what if you have ADHD?

We asked educators and mental health professionals to share their best advice for helping students get through finals this year…

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Flow. In the zone. Peak performance. Whether you get to these states as a yogi, an athlete, or as a knowledge worker, hyperfocus is another, broader, term that describes this heightened mental state. It’s something into which artists and NFL players alike can tap into for composing an opus, or throwing a perfect football spiral. There is one problem, however: getting into the zone isn’t guaranteed. For instance, for the novice half-marathoner who has heard about the fabled “runner’s high” and only manages to achieve it only once.

The good news for the non-runners among us is that thanks to…

In fact, meditation alone has been demonstrated to have profound health effects on the body.

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Yoga, the combination of breathing exercises, meditation, and physical postures used to achieve a state of relaxation and balance of mind, body, and spirit, has been surging in popularity for years, but especially amid the pandemic as people look for a practice that both fits within the confines of home while embracing calm and mindfulness.

It’s easy to understand why. Yoga encapsulates repeating stretches like sun salutations, pairing them with your breath. Then, while adopting the role of impartial observer to the racing thoughts in your head; you clear your mind in meditation. Consciously relaxing every muscle in your body…

A year ago, educators, students, and parents were flying by the seat of their pants, scrambling to secure tools for remote learning and navigate the particulars of teleconferencing software such as Zoom and edtech software like Canvas. If the household’s Internet bandwidth weren’t strained, a family’s mental bandwidth certainly was.

For better or for worse, families across the country have settled into the groove of virtual learning during the time of COVID. Students have learned what remote learning styles work for them. Parents have learned about what learning styles might not work for their children. Teachers have uncovered new ways…

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Living in the moment. Spontaneity. These positive traits associated with ADHD can be downright detrimental when it comes to something that’s front of mind for Americans this time of year: finances. As tax season is in full swing, we asked mental health experts who are well versed in ADHD, as well as financial planning experts, to tell us at Narbis about some potential financial stumbling blocks for people with ADHD, and ways to help people keep focus on their finances.

For people with ADHD common financial pitfalls include impulse shopping and lack of long-term planning or organization. ADHD impacts executive…

It’s been nearly a year that we’ve been shut indoors. And with each class that’s held on the couch, on a bean bag chair, or at the kitchen table, everyone’s learning styles, idiosyncrasies, and ways of working are on full display. Your daughter might be a straight-A student. But did you know that she is prone to daydreaming? Or did you know that your son has a subconscious habit of jiggling his leg under the table? His sister now does — and it’s driving her bonkers.

When school is held in a traditional classroom setting, teachers and educational support staff…

Love them or hate them, video games are only growing in popularity. The entire video gaming market is expected to be worth more than $200 billion by 2023. If you’re in the “hate them” camp, perhaps it’s because you’ve heard about how video games are shrinking kids’ attention spans -or even causing ADHD — even though there is actually zero evidence behind this. That said, super-fast-paced TV shows and video games do have a special appeal for kids who have ADHD, according to Dr. …


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